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Lisa Bertelsen

Food, Copy, Information Architecture, Usability Testing

Wayward usability engineer/producer who decided her corporate job just didn't have enough thrills and spills (and secretly yearned to wear houndstooth pants). Now she sports more burns than a firefighter, but can braise a lot better. She's never without her favorite microplane, a handful of Bandaids, and a tube or two of Neosporin. Looking to build and patent a fully-automated macedoine machine or, alternatively, cast iron inserts for tart tins, so we can skip those burnt beans and bake with our "eyes open", for a change!

Tracy Kunichika


Former Wall Street mergers and acquisitions professional with a bad case of left-brain overload/right-brain atrophy. Currently seeking the meaning of life behind the camera and will photograph almost anything that moves. A recent Hassleblad convert, she spends free time in photography classes, driving very fast sports car around San Francisco, and photographing food-related projects for Lisa B. Thinks her refrigerator is better used for film storage.

JoAnn Lotfi

Visual Design

Caught somewhere between right and left brain, JoAnn holds degrees in Integrative Art and User Interface Design from Penn State University and New York University. When she's not staring at a computer, JoAnn can usually be found capturing moments on her manual Nikon FE, performing yoga sun salutations, practicing scales on the violin, or searching for a four leaf clover, of which she has yet to find.

Drue Miller


Web designer, obsessive organizer, and gastronomical groupie, Drue spends her spare time re-alphabetizing her spice rack and inviting herself to other people's dinner parties. She also teaches classes in web design, and runs a goofy little auction site called Who Would Buy That.

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